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Headaches After Auto Accidents

Are you suffering from headaches after sustaining an auto injury? Are you wondering how your head can hurt when you don't recall actually striking your head during the accident? Well, it’s time to get all of your important questions answered and to help you realize that relief is just a few visits with your Parma chiropractor away.

Type of Headaches After a Car Accident

  • Concussions:  The sudden jolt of the car accident can actually cause your brain to hit your skull, causing a mild traumatic brain injury. The hallmark signs of concussions include headaches, dizziness, confusion, and memory problems---loss of consciousness doesn't always occur after a brain injury so don't write off your symptoms right away if you remained conscious. Your Parma chiropractor is trained to spot the signs of a brain injury so you can get the help you need.
  • Tension type headache: Caused by stress or muscle spasms related to the auto injury.
  • Migraine: If you already suffer from migraine headaches, there's a chance you're symptoms could get worse after an auto injury, but auto injuries themselves don't necessarily cause migraines. If you believe your headaches resemble migraine-type symptoms immediately after a car crash, it's more likely that you have a cervicogenic headache.
  • Cervicogenic Headaches: Whiplash and other neck injuries can lead to intense headache felt at the back of the head, above the eyes, or in the upper back. Symptoms often mimic migraine and tension-type headaches.

What Cervicogenic Headaches Are

If you have been diagnosed with cervicogenic headaches, it simply means that you have headaches that are caused by some sort of issue in your neck (the cervical area of your spine or, more specifically, one of the top seven vertebrae or discs). Although they tend to come on sporadically at first, over time they can become more frequent until, unless treated, they are present 24/7.

What Causes Them and How They Affect You

Although the causes of cervicogenic headaches can vary tremendously, some of the most common reasons include having poor posture, sustaining past injuries that have damaged the cervical area of your spine, car accidents, or any other issue that creates a misalignment within your neck. In addition to the head pain you feel, you may also notice other symptoms such as blurry vision, dizziness, an increased sensitivity to light, nausea, and pain that radiates down your arms.

The Chiropractic Solution

Luckily, regular visits with Dr. Baker, your trusted Parma chiropractor, can ease most of your symptoms and have you feeling better in no time. Regular spinal manipulations can reduce the pressure on your neck area, thereby providing you the relief you need to make the pain ease up and potentially leave entirely.

Call Baker Chiropractic Wellness Center in Parma, OH to begin your neck pain-relieving regimen immediately. It’s time to treat your headaches and auto injuries once and for all!


Are You Still Suffering From Auto Accident Injuries?

Many people report that their life changes drastically after an auto accident. They can suffer from injuries for months, and even decades, after the auto accident.

It's estimated that 43% of whiplash patients who have had medical treatment develop chronic pain. The medical profession discovered that if the symptoms extend to three months or greater, those symptoms are going to continue in 90% of the cases.

And they admit that their treatments have never been effective in these difficult cases.

When researchers decided to study some of these incurable patients, they offered them chiropractic treatments for their chronic whiplash pain. There were 28 patients total, and most had been suffering from their whiplash auto accident injury for over an entire year.

With chiropractic care, 63% of the patients ended up stopping their treatments early because they didn’t need them anymore. A total of 93% of all the auto accident patients suffering from whiplash had improved significantly.

This is a very remarkable recovery rate, and no doubt, the auto accident patients were thrilled that their life was transformed with chiropractic treatments.

So the big question is this: are you still suffering from auto accident injuries? Have you tried medical treatments and taken prescription painkillers to no avail? Have you lost your dream of becoming whole again and returning to the things you used to do?

If so, it may be time to change the path you’re on and try chiropractic. Let’s face it; where is your life going to end up if you don’t? You’ll potentially be part of the 90% of the incurable auto accident cases that were found in that study.

Healing only goes so far if you don’t restore the nervous system connection with the rest of the body. This is done through chiropractic adjustments to the spine, regularly used by chiropractor Dr. Baker to help hundreds of patients in Parma, OH experience natural pain relief. The manipulations break through the blockages caused by misalignments of the joints, restoring blood flow and nerve flow. If you understand Chinese acupuncture meridians, you can think of a chiropractic manipulation as a way to also open up these meridians to let the ‘chi’ energy flow through.

Chiropractic works. Stop suffering from auto accident injuries once and for all and give Dr. Baker a call today!


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Disc Herniation After Auto Injury in Parma, OH

Being involved in an auto injury accident can leave you with any number of injuries. Although the ones you can see are often the scariest to you (such as the cuts and lacerations that tend to bleed a lot), it is often the injuries that you can’t see that do the most damage. Disc herniation falls into this latter category, making a visit to your Parma chiropractor imperative when it comes to effectively healing your auto injury as soon as possible.

Auto Injuries and Disc Herniation – Cause and Effect

Sometimes the impact from a car accident can cause your discs (the small, round cushions between your vertebrae) to rupture or break, allowing some of the fluid contained within them to leak out. This places pressure on the nerves in that particular area of your spine, potentially creating issues such as pain, numbness in your limbs, and tingling. Sometimes it even causes your leg to give-way mid stride which can result in falling and injuring yourself even further.

Chiropractic Care for Disc Herniation Created By Auto Injuries 

Because the effects of disc herniation are far reaching, dealing with the issue quickly and effectively may mean the difference between allowing your body to start to heal after your auto injury and having to deal with further damage, some effects of which may never be reversed. Choose regular chiropractic care with your Parma chiropractor and you’ll enjoy the former, negating negative side effects that may not appear for some time down the road.

With Dr. Baker, the focus is on relieving the pressure of the disc herniation which will subsequently ease the pain. He concentrates on getting your spinal column realigned so you can take care of this particular auto injury once and for all, without the worry that it is going to reappear years into the future because you’ve neglected to receive treatment when it occurred.

Taking care of yourself after an auto injury accident can be a pain, both literally and figuratively, but a little bit of work and effort now can save you a lot of aggravation down the road. Dr. Baker can help you with the process because he is a Parma chiropractor committed to making sure you experience a full recovery from your auto injury!


6 Surprising Ways Chiropractors Can Help

You've probably heard that chiropractors are fantastic for back pain, but did you know that chiropractors can help with chronic migraines, digestive issues, and even allergies? All that training your Parma chiropractor, Dr. Baker, has had can help you in ways you may not even know. Many people are clueless that their chiropractor is so capable of helping them improve their health in numerous ways.

Here’s a short list – only a starting list – of some of those ways:

1. Treat Conditions That Affect Joints Other Than Your Back

Your chiropractor, Dr. Baker, is well trained in ALL the joints of the body, not just your spinal joints.  This means that if you sprain an ankle and have a lot of pain in the ankle, that sprain could have easily created a misalignment in the ankle joint. Your chiropractor can make a simple adjustment that starts the healing in your ankle, eliminates pain, and prevent additional injury from gait changes.

2. Recognize Serious Health Conditions

Your chiropractor is trained to identify and diagnose serious health-threatening conditions as well as spinal injuries. That doesn’t mean you don’t need a medical doctor at times, but it does mean that your chiropractor may be instrumental in finding serious conditions you may have in beginning stages. This gives you more of an opportunity to reverse the illness.

Many people don’t understand that in order for a chiropractor to successfully diagnose back and neck pain and spinal conditions, he has to understand all the other conditions that might mimic these conditions. In his training, he learns from the same textbooks that a medical doctor uses to learn diagnosis.

3. Represent You in Court for Car Injuries

Having a qualified health professional besides your medical doctor adds more credibility to your case. Dr. Baker can help to acutely diagnose and document your auto injuries, whether you're settling out of court or require litigation, he will do his best to support you in receiving adequate compensation for your auto injury.

4. Stand Up For You if You Had a Work Injury

Your chiropractor is well trained in how to diagnose work injuries and set up treatment protocols for them. He’ll also stand up for you in court legally, and provide documentation needed in making a workers' compensation claim.

5. Tell You If Your Pillow is Right For You

The pillow that you have on your bed may be contributing to neck and/or back pain. Bring in your pillow and ask your chiropractor to see if it’s perfect for your neck and back.

The field of ergonomics is full of helpful information that makes your work day more productive. Your Parma chiropractor is happy to share with you information on the perfect chair for you, and see if the one you’re sitting on meets the specifications.

Parma chiropractor Dr. Baker is a wealth of information. Just tap into his knowledge base at your next visit to see first hand how chiropractors can help you achieve total body wellness. Set up an appointment with Baker Chiropractic Wellness Center to revitalize your health today!

6. Help You Choose the Right Chair for Your Desk At Work

The field of ergonomics is full of helpful information that makes your work day more productive. Your Parma chiropractor is happy to share with you information on the perfect chair for you, and see if the one you’re sitting on meets the specifications.

Parma chiropractor Dr. Baker is a wealth of information. Just tap into his knowledge base at your next visit to see first hand how chiropractors can help you achieve total body wellness. Set up an appointment with Baker Chiropractic Wellness Center to revitalize your health today!