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Neck Pain from Office Work

Neck Pain from Office Work in Middleburg Heights, OHOur chiropractor provides efficient relief of neck pain in Middleburg Heights, OH.

Does your neck ache when you get home from work? If so, you are far from alone. Increasing dependence on computer screens has made neck pain more common in recent years. Up to two thirds of all office employees will suffer from neck pain within the next year.

Office work often contributes to neck pain because workers remain seated for long periods of time, often with awkward neck postures. Holding this position can strain the muscles or irritate the nerves in the cervical spine, which is located in the neck, resulting in pain.

Avoiding Neck Pain at Desk Jobs

If you often experience neck pain after a day at the office, take a close look at your ergonomics. Posture is often to blame for neck pain. When sitting at your desk looking straight ahead, you should be looking at the top third of your computer screen. Many office workers are seated too low, so that they must look upwards towards the monitor. When sitting at your desk, your back should be straight against the back of the chair; slumping forward can contribute to neck pain. When positioned properly, your arms and thighs should be parallel to the floor. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, consider a hands-free device rather than cradling the handset between your cheek and shoulder.

Simple exercises may help to alleviate neck pain while you're at work. Take frequent breaks to walk around the office, thereby reducing neck strain. Make an effort to stretch your neck whenever possible. Shoulder shrugs, as well as stretching your neck to the left and right, holding each position for 30 seconds, can reduce neck pain caused by muscle fatigue. Look away from your computer every five to ten minutes, and make an effort to focus on objects in the distance in order to reduce eye strain.

Chiropractic for Neck Pain in Middleburg Heights, OH

If you continue to experience neck pain from office work, seek the care of a chiropractor. You may have developed trigger points, or hyper irritable points of pain located in taut muscle fibers, which may be relieved with soft tissue work and chiropractic adjustments. Middleburg Heights chiropractor Dr. Baker can also evaluate your cervical spine to see if it is in proper alignment, or if there may be a pinched or irritated nerve causing you symptoms. Dr. Baker and his colleagues see many patients whose neck pain can be contributed to the repetitive stress of office work. Baker Chiropractic Wellness Center has successfully treated many patients with neck pain stemming from working in an office environment.