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7 Benefits of Using Koren Specific Technique in Chiropractic Care Parma OH

7 Benefits of Using Koren Specific Technique in Chiropractic Care

When it comes to delivering top quality care to my Parma chiropractic patients, there are some spinal manipulation techniques that are superior to the rest. One of these is called the Koren Specific Technique and its benefits are often remarkable.

What is the Koren Specific Technique?

The Koren Specific Technique is a specialized chiropractic method developed by Dr. Tedd Koren in 2003 in his pursuit of finding a chiropractic method that brings about better and longer lasting results. It is a three step system that focuses on analyzing the body’s position, determining whether or not it is in line, and correcting it if it is not.

What are its Benefits?

Here are seven compelling reasons why I use Koren Specific Technique regularly in my busy Parma chiropractic office:

  • #1: It Doesn’t Take a Lot of Force. If you’re a person that doesn’t like having a lot of pressure applied to your body, you’ll love the Koren Specific Technique because it is lower force than most other chiropractic options.
  • #2: Its Effects Are Immediate. When I use the Koren Specific Technique, I know immediately if your issue has been corrected, which means that I can take other actions if it has not.
  • #3: You Can Be Adjusted in Any Position. Because Koren Specific Technique is so effective, it can be practiced whether you are standing, lying down, or sitting—whichever is most comfortable for you.
  • #4: It Works on Stubborn Spines. If your spine doesn’t always seem to comply with manipulations, Koren Specific Technique offers promising results for you.
  • #5: It Works for People of All Ages. Whether my Parma chiropractic clients are one year old or one-hundred, Koren Specific Technique offers a gentle manipulation.
  • #6: You Don’t Have to Undergo Testing. With Koren Specific Technique, no x-rays or imaging are needed.
  • #7: It is the Technique Most Chiropractors Prefer When They are Clients. The Koren Specific Technique is so effective, even chiropractors prefer it when they themselves are clients.

How Well Does It Work?

Koren Specific Technique in Parma, OHIn one particular case study, a 47-year old female who had dealt with cluster headaches for two years was treated using the Koren Specific Technique for five months. The result? “[H]er headaches resolved and she was able to return to a normal life style.”

If you’d like to see what Koren Specific Technique can do for you, call my Parma chiropractic office today!



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