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Are You Still Suffering From Auto Accident Injuries?

Many people report that their life changes drastically after an auto accident. They can suffer from injuries for months, and even decades, after the auto accident.

It's estimated that 43% of whiplash patients who have had medical treatment develop chronic pain. The medical profession discovered that if the symptoms extend to three months or greater, those symptoms are going to continue in 90% of the cases.

And they admit that their treatments have never been effective in these difficult cases.

When researchers decided to study some of these incurable patients, they offered them chiropractic treatments for their chronic whiplash pain. There were 28 patients total, and most had been suffering from their whiplash auto accident injury for over an entire year.

With chiropractic care, 63% of the patients ended up stopping their treatments early because they didn’t need them anymore. A total of 93% of all the auto accident patients suffering from whiplash had improved significantly.

This is a very remarkable recovery rate, and no doubt, the auto accident patients were thrilled that their life was transformed with chiropractic treatments.

So the big question is this: are you still suffering from auto accident injuries? Have you tried medical treatments and taken prescription painkillers to no avail? Have you lost your dream of becoming whole again and returning to the things you used to do?

If so, it may be time to change the path you’re on and try chiropractic. Let’s face it; where is your life going to end up if you don’t? You’ll potentially be part of the 90% of the incurable auto accident cases that were found in that study.

Healing only goes so far if you don’t restore the nervous system connection with the rest of the body. This is done through chiropractic adjustments to the spine, regularly used by chiropractor Dr. Baker to help hundreds of patients in Parma, OH experience natural pain relief. The manipulations break through the blockages caused by misalignments of the joints, restoring blood flow and nerve flow. If you understand Chinese acupuncture meridians, you can think of a chiropractic manipulation as a way to also open up these meridians to let the ‘chi’ energy flow through.

Chiropractic works. Stop suffering from auto accident injuries once and for all and give Dr. Baker a call today!


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May 22, 2014
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Dr. Robb Baker