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Disc Herniation After Auto Injury in Parma, OH

Being involved in an auto injury accident can leave you with any number of injuries. Although the ones you can see are often the scariest to you (such as the cuts and lacerations that tend to bleed a lot), it is often the injuries that you can’t see that do the most damage. Disc herniation falls into this latter category, making a visit to your Parma chiropractor imperative when it comes to effectively healing your auto injury as soon as possible.

Auto Injuries and Disc Herniation – Cause and Effect

Sometimes the impact from a car accident can cause your discs (the small, round cushions between your vertebrae) to rupture or break, allowing some of the fluid contained within them to leak out. This places pressure on the nerves in that particular area of your spine, potentially creating issues such as pain, numbness in your limbs, and tingling. Sometimes it even causes your leg to give-way mid stride which can result in falling and injuring yourself even further.

Chiropractic Care for Disc Herniation Created By Auto Injuries 

Because the effects of disc herniation are far reaching, dealing with the issue quickly and effectively may mean the difference between allowing your body to start to heal after your auto injury and having to deal with further damage, some effects of which may never be reversed. Choose regular chiropractic care with your Parma chiropractor and you’ll enjoy the former, negating negative side effects that may not appear for some time down the road.

With Dr. Baker, the focus is on relieving the pressure of the disc herniation which will subsequently ease the pain. He concentrates on getting your spinal column realigned so you can take care of this particular auto injury once and for all, without the worry that it is going to reappear years into the future because you’ve neglected to receive treatment when it occurred.

Taking care of yourself after an auto injury accident can be a pain, both literally and figuratively, but a little bit of work and effort now can save you a lot of aggravation down the road. Dr. Baker can help you with the process because he is a Parma chiropractor committed to making sure you experience a full recovery from your auto injury!

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May 19, 2014
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Dr. Robb Baker