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Chiropractic vs. Drugs for Neck Pain: Who Wins?

When your neck hurts, you want relief and you want it now. You don’t have the time or energy for messing with a bunch of different pain treatment options that don’t work. So if you’re given the choice between drugs and chiropractic for your neck pain, which one should you choose? According to a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, you’re better off making an appointment with your Parma chiropractor if your goal is efficient neck pain relief.

Researchers studied almost 300 individuals who were suffering with severe neck pain and split them up into three groups. One group was to use drugs for treatment, the second group was to participate in chiropractic care, and the third group was asked to engage in exercise at home. They were all to continue these courses of treatment for 12 weeks to see which one or ones promised the greatest results.

What they found is that chiropractic “had a statistically significant advantage” when compared to taking drugs both during the course of the study and up to one year after treatment had ended. Even home exercisers showed greater pain relief than drugs at the 26-week stage.

So, if you’re suffering from neck pain, choose the option that will provide you the most relief. Choose Baker Chiropractic Wellness. We focus on providing long-term solutions to your health issues, not masking them with medications that don’t appear to work anyway.


Bronfort G, et al. Spinal manipulation, medication, or home exercise with advice for acute and subacute neck pain: a randomized trial. Annals of Internal Medicine 2012; 156 (1): 1-10.

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July 29, 2014
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Dr. Robb Baker