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What To Ask Your Chiropractor

If it's your first time seeing a particular chiropractor, get out a pen and paper. There are some very important questions you’ll want to ask before you leave the chiropractor’s office.

These are questions you may not have thought of before, and they’re also ones that you will later think to yourself, “Why didn’t I ask the chiropractor that when I was there?”

Ready for the list? Here it is:

  1. What type of chiropractic manipulation do you do?

  2. The answer you’re looking for is if he uses only his hands to manipulate or if he uses tools to do the manipulation. If he uses tools, ask to see them and find out how they work.
  1. What are my chances of recovering from this health issue? How long do you think it will take if I do everything right?
  2. How much of my bill will be covered by insurance? How does it work if insurance won’t pay for the entire bill?
  3. Do you accept payment plans?
  4. How long have you been a chiropractor? What made you get into the business?
  5. What can I do at home to speed up my recovery?
  6. How does my posture at my desk affect getting better from my condition?
  7. What is the best sleeping posture for me?
  8. Are there any recommendations you can make about my footwear, since the foot is connected to the skeleton and everything works together?
  9. How many patients have you treated with my same condition?
  10. What was it that predisposed me to end up with this condition?
  11. Does the treatment of a chiropractor help other areas of my health, such as immunity?

Whether you're seeing Dr. Baker or another chiropractor, these are some questions that will help you better understand the nature of your chiropractic treatment, and how it can help.

Remember, Parma chiropractor Dr. Baker is not afraid of questions. He wants you to understand why you’re getting the best drug-free, natural type of treatment that can be found, how it works, and what to expect.

So if you're searching for thorough diagnosis and effective treatment. contact Baker Chiropractic Wellness Center today!

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May 28, 2014
Team Member
Dr. Robb Baker