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4 Reasons Why Your Chiropractor Wants Imaging Studies

If you’re on a limited budget and have a limited insurance policy, you may not want to hear that you will need X-rays or a CT, MRI or ultrasound test from your chiropractor. Keep reading because you’ll soon understand the reasons behind the imaging studies.

Here’s a list of four reasons why your chiropractor needs these tests:

  1. For verification of your injuries when you have been involved in an auto accident or work injury that needs legal documentation.
  2. For you to get reimbursement on any of your insurance company claims or workers compensation plans.
  3. For your chiropractor to verify your symptoms with the orthopedic tests he performs to create an accurate working diagnosis. Your chiropractor works from a ‘working diagnosis’ that is changed if new important information – such as from imaging studies – is discovered.
  4. For your chiropractor to determine what will be the best way to treat you. Imaging studies may show a fracture that you or your chiropractor did not suspect. A fracture is a contraindication to physical manipulation and means that other methods of treatment should be used instead. Similarly, if your imaging studies show a disc herniation, then this affects the way your chiropractor will treat you.

Every condition does not need imaging studies, but they are essential for certain conditions. For example, if you hurt your elbow by hitting it on a desk, you probably won’t need imaging studies. However, if you have pain in your low back along with bowel and bladder incontinence, Dr. Baker will refer you to a hospital near Middleburg Heights where they will take plenty of imaging studies to determine what’s wrong.

If you’re concerned about funds to get these studies, discuss it with your chiropractor. Dr. Baker knows what’s available in Middleburg Heights as extra sources of funding for important medical tests.

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July 17, 2014
Team Member
Dr. Robb Baker